This collective of Japanese Bijutsu includes KODOGU of Robert E. Haynes & Elliott D. Long.

Tosogu: fittings, i.e.: tsuba, and kodogu which is/are: menuki, fuchi/kashira, kozuka, and kogai.

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NOTE: All sword fittings (excluding Tsuba) have 'RANK'.

The MENUKI have first (1st) rank.
The KOGAI have second (2nd) rank.
The KOTZUKA have third (3rd) rank.
The FUCHI KASHIRA have fourth (4th) rank.
Fine KOSHIRAE available.


Provenance: Boris Markhasin

Early Edo/Late Momoyama Sendai fuchi of shakudo. Motif of plant life, inlay in shakudo, shibuichi and 24 carat gold.

Provenance: Elliott Long
A masterpiece by the sixteenth mainline Goto master HOJO (H 01596.0). He was the third son of Shinjo. He is considered the best Goto master after Jujo, the twelfth mainline master. This set is signed using his art name MITSUAKI.

Provenance: Elliott Long
Presented here is a magnificent fuchi/kashira with a genuine signature of TOSHINAGA (H 10478). He was a student of Nara Toshinaga (H 10469). The subject of this set is Shoki the demon queller and a demon.

Provenance: Elliott Long
A Crescent Moon ("Tsuki") and a Flying Bat ("Komori"). The Bat ("Komori") is the only mammal which is capable of sustained flights like a bird. They use pulse and returning echoes to recognize the image of surroundings, which enables them to hunt in the darkness of night.

Provenance: Elliott Long
"Presented here is a well forged fuchi of skilled construction by Tsunemasa. Then it was in the artistic hands of the 2nd. Yasuchika who used a motif of ocean waves and the sun for its final design. Both Tsunemasa and Yasuchika expressed their exemplary skill at creating a masterpiece." (Long)

Provenance: Elliott Long
The best of the splendid engraving technique by the eigth master of the Nomura family.
Signature: 'NOMURA MASAHIDE' Refer to Haynes Index H 03944.0.

Read about GOTO Honke, and GOTO RYU.

In English, there is an article by Alexander G. Mosle in the 'Transactions of the Japan Society of London', Vol. VIII, pg. 188, titled "The Sword Ornaments of the GOTOSHIROBEI FAMILY." Though this article is the prime source in this language, it has not given biographical detail nor has he gone into the details of technique by which the various masters could be discriminated from one another. Mr. Mosle used Kuwabara as his source and judge for obtaining information for this article and what it does say is trustworthy as far as it goes.


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