Different Tsuba Types

In regards to the development of shape then, we can follow the paths through the following images.

The earliest tsuba.

Hôju tsuba

Tôran kei


Tachi tsuba.

Aoi tachi tsuba


Kara tsuba


Mokko tachi tsuba



Uchigatana tsuba.

With the development of the Uchigatana, the way the sword was worn changed, with the cutting edge or Ha pointing upwards. This change also effected the way in which tsuba were fitted. You will notice that the Nakago ana in now upside down compaired to that of the Tachi tsuba. Tachi of course were worn cutting edge down.






Ji sukashi



After this, the overall shapes in the Edo and late Edo periods took on many forms, including animals sleeping or curled up, religous motifs, floral and plant forms, geometrics and many more.

Other various tsuba shapes

Maru gata

ی` (`)


Mokko gata



Nademaru gata



Otafuku gata



Nade mokkô gata



Kaku gata



Otafuku gata sukashi



Maru gata kô sukashi



Maru gata sukashi



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