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PROVENANCE:    Francois Poncetton
                                            Skip Holbrook
                                            Elliott D. Long
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Momoyama Period (ca. 1600)

The elaborate and detailed design of cloves, the use of refined iron with abundant brass inlay, contribute to the strong impact of this masterpiece.
There seems to be two different colors of brass inlay used.
Fine tekkotsu on the rim.

The representation seen here of cloves (one of the objects of the Takaramono, associated with the Gods of Luck), define Sweetness and Health.

Only missing inlay at 8 o'clock position (see at right).

10.6cm x 9.65cm x 0.5cm thick

Francois Poncetton Collection Tsuba

by Francois Poncetton
France: Editions Albert Morance. 1924 First Edition
French language.
All tsuba are shown in actual size.

Folio, portfolio in tied printed hard cover. Protective covers holding a folio containing the following: 50 lose plates in very good condition of 182 tsuba photoengraved. The contents include a 28 pp. text, descriptive of the accompanying tsuba. A very useful catalog of this important collection of classic tsuba. The spine cloth is missing and the ribbon ties of the portfolio are deteriorated but the contents are very good and complete.

See No. 51

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