'Nobuiye' Tsuba   by Suematsu Ikeda

Preface, enlarged images, pictures of Kikko-mon, sea weed, wave, karakusa, etc. Post script. Limited 500 copies.
37.5cm x 27cm x 1.3cm, 47 pp., excellent condition.

If there is another tsuba maker who can be compared with Kaneiye, his name is Nobuiye. Even though he is widely known to date, his history is quite ambiguous. He is said to work at the late Muromachi to early Edo era and it seems that there were two Nobuiye at that time. The signature of the first generation called "Ga-mei" (elegant mei) and also called "Hanare-mei". On the other hand, the second generation had some diversity in his signature showing strong impression and classified as "Futoji-mei", "Katchu-mei", "Sakei-mei", and "Sumari-mei". The first worked from Kiroku to Keicho period (1558-1614) and the second from Tensho to Kanei (1573-1643). The tetsu-ji of Nobuiye tsuba is strong and sometimes famous yakite shitate and jimon appears with prominent tetkotsu in mimi.

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