by Robert E. Haynes (1994)

Here is what I can tell you about the NAGOYAMONO or you can write it NAGOYA-MONO, or NAGOYA MONO. Any of these would be O.K. I learned the term from John Yumoto many years ago. As he told me...."The Goto school in the Edo period, say from 1650 to 1800 part of the period was still strong and they were producing many pieces, in fact they could not keep up with production. A group of artists in Nagoya had direct access to the Goto school, not the main line, but students and the branch WAKI-GOTO to make pieces in Goto style. Now that style was for the most part the MINO Goto style, which had always been popular, and since the Maeda, who came from Owari, were their patrons, it was that style that was produced in the Nagoya area, to fill the demand. It should be noted that they were made for lower class samurai and those of the Shogun court who could not afford REAL Goto school work or had no access to it ( it was also above their rank to wear main line Goto work). These lower samurai and officials could thus satisfy their desire for Goto style fittings on their swords. Even Soten soft metal pieces were made in Mino Goto style to fill this demand, and signed by the later Soten school workers to help fill this craving. There were SO many petty officials in the Shogun's court and the daimyo who lived part time in Edo that it created this industry for this style of fittings" there you have it. I hope it all makes sense.

By the way, NAGOYA is the city or area and MONO is 'Thing'. So it is a thing or something from Nagoya. A Nagoya object. Robert.

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