This collective of Japanese Bijutsu includes KODOGU of Robert E. Haynes & Elliott D. Long.

Tosogu: fittings, i.e.: tsuba, and kodogu which is/are: menuki, fuchi/kashira, kozuka, and kogai.

NOTE: All sword fittings (excluding Tsuba) have 'RANK'.

The MENUKI have first (1st) rank.
The KOGAI have second (2nd) rank.
The KOTZUKA have third (3rd) rank.
The FUCHI KASHIRA have fourth (4th) rank.
Fine KOSHIRAE available.

If you would like to know more about any items on this website, or if you are considering a purchase, please send Elliott and Robert an E-MAIL ( elliott@shibuiswords.com ), asking us any questions you have or what pieces interest you.

Wakizashi Koshirae
Provenance: Boris Markhasin
Tiger Menuki in carved Shakudo. Fuchi/Gashira in classic Sendai school style. Iron Tsuba in Nobuiye school style.
Dimensions: Length/74.5cm (29 5/16in), Saya/57.5cm (22 5/8in), Tsuka/16.7cm (6 5/8in)

Sho-To Koshirae
Provenance: Elliott D. Long
Horse Menuki in Gold-Zogan and Shakudo.
Fuchi/Gashira in Gold and Shakudo.
Tsuba of Shakudo.
Dimensions: Total length/60.5cm (23.81 in), Saya/47.0cm (18.50 in), Tsunagi/42.1cm, Sori/0.7cm.

HIGO Tachi-Iron Koshirae

Provenance: Elliott D. Long
Iron Tachi tsuba, mokko shape with four gold outlined nunome.
Gold Shishi Menuki.
Trimmed in Gold - Dual Mons in Ishime Lacquer.

"The Highest Quality."


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