3rd   Bizen   Suruga   Master

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Provenance: Robert E. Haynes
                      Elliott D. Long
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"Iron plate shape of the Uzume mask (Otafuku), and with a bold carved rope rim. The hitsu-ana in the shape of the half Matsukawabishi mon. The ishime ground of the plate still retains some of the original black lacquer surface, mostly on the face. The original copper plugs at the top and bottom of the nakago-ana have added copper when this tsuba was remounted at a later date.

The face is signed: 'Inshu ju Suruga saku' H 06081.0, see Muneie under this number. Muneie was the 3rd Bizen Suruga Master. He was born at Okayama in Bizen Province in 1625 as the son of the second Bizen Suruga master, Ietsugu (H 01834.0). He went, it is said on June 4, 1632 to Totori in Inaba Province, with Lord Ikeda when he was posted to Inaba, and thus he was to sign, as this tsuba, Inshu (Inaba) Suruga saku. He died in 1636. The next seven generations of the family were all to use the Inaba, or Inshu as part of their signature.

The work of the first three generations of this family are rare, and there are only four examples recorded of the work of the first master." (Haynes)
7.40cm x 7.65cm x 0.40cm

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