by Dr. Kazutaro Torigoye

"In 'Tsuba Geijutsu Ko' I have tried to establish a proper historical treatise based on reliable information and scientific research. I felt this was the only choice having surveyed the past literature and chaotic history of the many tsuba makers whose genealogies extend through four hundred years under the social and cultural influences of the times. After years of sifting and re-examining the mass of information, I arrived at a proper historical basis that would answer many questions." (Dr. Kazutaro Torigoye)

Very rare two book set 'Tsuba Geijutsu-Ko' by Dr. Torigoye. This is a great addition to students of 'Tsuba, An Aesthetic Study' by Robert Haynes and Dr. Torigoye for seeing the tsuba images that were used as examples throughout. Book one is mostly full-size images all in black & white of tsuba in fine detail (first 3 images). Book two is nearly all Japanese text with few illustrations (last 2 images).

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