The Robert Haynes Study Collection of Japanese Kodogu (2011)
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Gai So Shi is the latest publication from Robert Haynes and contains the 189 objects that he has kept for his personal study. As expected, many of the items are either rare and/or significant, and span the entire history of Nihonto.
Similar to looking at a masterful museum display with basic information, it is up to the reader to take in the explanation offered, and note the historical importance of the work, and use this to enhance his own learning.
The book has an excellent appendix that features clear close-ups of the mei on each featured piece in the book, along with the artist's catalog number in the Haynes Index.
Together with perfect photographic images the individual pieces are described in detail and set in a comparative scientific context. This makes it possible for the less practiced enthusiast to understand what is so fascinating about these objects, why in particular these chosen pieces remain in the collection, and why his collection can correctly be called a 'study' collection.
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