Bizen Shoami School


Edo period.

Basic Shape:

Mostly round.


The shape is very similar to that used by the Kyo-Shoami.


About the same as that used by the Kyo-Shoami.


The majority of the nunome inlay is gold, occasionally more than one shade or color will be found. The engraving is strong. The amount of inlay will help determine the period of production.


Kakumimi koniku, though a few are round. The mimi of this school is a little wider than that used by the Kyo-Shoami artists. This difference in width helps to distinguish between the work of these two schools.

Design Characteristics:

Chrysanthemum, iris, pine tree, peony, animals, fish, and sometimes human figures.


The style of the Bizen Shoami school is rich in its decorative quality. The designs are naive but very tasteful. It has a resemblance to the Kyo-Shoami tsuba of the same period but it is not as delicate nor sophisticated.

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