Kaneiye Tsuba

The name "Kaneiye" is said to be the supreme tsuba maker in Japanese history. There are two kinds of Kaneiye signed tsuba that exist. "Joshu Fushimi ju Kaneiye" and "Yamashiro kuni Fushimi ju Kaneiye". The former is called "Dai-Kaneiye" and the latter "Meihin Kaneiye". Now, they are regarded as the same person and the former signature might be his early mei. The name "Fushimi" in his signature gave a clue to find out when he worked. Considering that Toyotomi Hideyoshi built a Fushimi Castle in 1592, it seems that he worked from the late Tensho to Bunroku/Keisho period. The katachi (shape) of his works are Tatemaru-gata, Nadekaku-gata, Mokko-gata, and his unique Kobushi-gata. Kaneiye's tsuba reflected the peaceful Japanese scenary and religious subjects with skill beyond description.


Above Kaneiye Tsuba from various collections.