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Provenance: Elliott Long $1500.00
"A well forged iron plate with eight roundels - circular emblems of family crests (mon) made of cast brass, pierced and chiseled in kebori, with Kiri mon at the top. Also with flat brass inlay (hira-zogan) of bamboo stems between each pair of mon. There are eight different kamon in sukashi, which are obviously visible on both sides. These sukashi sections that are inlaid into the plate are refered to as ranma-bori because they have the appearance of the ranma (transom panels with openwork carving) that are seen in Japanese temples and other important buildings above walls and doorways.
Dates to ca. 1450.

Attestation by Dr. Torigoye hakogaki signed 'SOTO' dated 1954, First Class, Muromachi period." (Haynes & Long)

8.64cm x 8.64cm x 0.30cm.

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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