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"This artist often used a hot stamp in the form of a cherry bloom, following his signature. Thus he is known as Sakura Yamakichibei. In the past he was said to be the 3rd generation Yamakichibei, but he may have been a student of the school and not directly related. Examples of his work are very rare.

Presented here is a rare iron plate tsuba in kawari mokkogata (12 sided) shape. There are file marks cut radially outward from the center to the circumference, very closely and compactly spaced, known as 'amida yasurime'. A stylish masterpiece with two cherry blossom sukashi, a work signed 'BISHU Sakura YAMAKICHIBEI' that is rare. This tsuba is very well finished and in good condition." (Haynes & Long)

Diameter: 75mm Thickness 4mm

Dr. Torigoye, 1957 'A lucky day in December'

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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