(TOSHIHARU H10316.0)

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Provenance: Elliott Long $1000.00
"Iron plate round shape (maru-gata) with Amida yasurime. The plum and bamboo design done in kebori. In addition to the fine chiseling of the plums and bamboo leaves, the Amidaba file marks, which are elegant like a halo, creates a profound beauty. A very orthodox beautiful iron tsuba of the NARA school.

Signed: 'NARA SOYU'. This is TOSHIHARU, son of Toshimune (H 10591), student and preparer to Nara Toshiteru (H 10591) and Toshimune (H 10463). See Haynes Index H 10316.0." (Haynes & Long)

7.93cm x 7.59cm x 0.45cm

A special feature on the Nara school in Token Bijutsu No. 521.

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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