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"This guard shows much of the feeling of age of Kyo-Sukashi works. The movement in the pattern and the wide seppa-dai are important characteristics. The forms of the leaves are varied, and the metal is thick and of slightly coarse quality.The depth of the feeling of the iron suggests that this work is old even among Kyo pieces. Seems to date to Middle Muromachi period.

The theme of this tsuba is Ginko leaves. Ginko trees were planted around Japan beginning in the Muromachi period. They have a long history in traditional medicine and are able to survive in many areas. Large Ginko trees became the symbol of shrines and temples. They are called Goshinboku, 'sacred trees'." (Long)

7.70cm x 7.70cm x 0.30cm


Dr. Torigoye Hakogaki, dated 1967, 1st Class Pre-Edo period.

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