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Provenance:    Elliott Long NFS

"A tsuba from the era of actual warfare, boldly decorated with a shapeless large openwork. The thin layers of the tsuba, which would have been attached to a lightweight sword suitable for one-handed fighting, are also pursued for operability. The astringent copper ground (Yamagane) is beaten and the ears are made high, leaving traces of hammering on the ground. Traces of black lacquer remain. Dates to ca.1300.
It is a work that shows the importance of deeply exploring the meaning of the design through Zen knowledge, which is common in tsuba that has evolved over time." (Long)

7.90cm x 7.80cm x 0.17cm


Certificate by NBTHK, Tokubetsu-Hozon.

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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