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Provenance: Elliott Long $5000.00

Rokaku Sansui Zu landscape design on silver ground.
Size: 10.10cm x 1.40cm.

Mei: 'RYUSO HOGEN'. This is Tanaka Kiyotoshi, born 1804, died 1876. He was a student of Goto Shojo and of Kono Haruaki. It has been confirmed that in 1824 he first used the Kiyotoshi signature. He later used the Toryusai name, later adopted by his many students. Toryusai was to become the name of the school of artists who worked in the Tanaka group style. In 1846 he was granted the title of HOGEN and began using many various art names. See H03368.0.

Hakogaki signed 'Ryusui' possibly H07646.0. Dated Showa 51, 1976.
Presented here is a beautiful kotsuka with excellent workmanship in perfect condition without any damage.

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