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Provenance:    Elliott D. Long Collection Piece, Please Inquire
"An iron tsuba in rounded square form, with punch marks in the nakago ana. Both surfaces display a fine patina. It is provided with two kozuka ana, one being plugged with shakudo, and are original to the piece. The design is of two gourds in sukashi, the largest being among its stem with leaves in gold inlay. This same stem and leaf design appears on the reverse but across from the large gourd.
This tsuba is signed: 'YAMASHIRO KUNI FUSHIMI JU KANEIYE'. H 02464.0.
This Tsuba is accompanied with a hakogaki by Dr. Kazutaro Torigoye stating that the signature is genuine." (Haynes & Long)

8.0cm x 8.80cm x 0.5cm


SARO Edo 1st Class, Showa 46, 1971

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