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Provenance:   Elliott D. Long NFS
"A very fine Hoan school tsuba of maru-gata shape with a hira dote mimi (flattened embankment rim). This tsuba is from the strong and powerful Owari Hoan school. This tsuba supports a wonderful rich dark patina as you can see by the images. This school is known for its strong designs. The smith has used the Tomoe-sukashi (comma cut outs). This would be a very typical tsuba used by the fighting class samurai of the period. Form and function and simplicity were the hallmarks of the warrior class samurai. This design often represents yin and yang, male and female and opposing forces of nature. In Japan, the design also represents a whirlpool in water and implies protection against fire. This is why many roofs were decorated with this symbol. The Tomoe was also used by several families over the ages as their mon (family crest). This is a very fine old piece that carries the true values of the samurai.

Accompanied with NBTHK 'Green' origami. Circa: Late Muromachi - Early Edo Period - 1500's -1600's." (Long)

8.40cm x 8.40cm x 0.30cm (seppa)


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