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"GOTO TEIJO", the ninth head of the mainline GOTO family.
Year of birth: Keicho 8 (1603)
Year of death: Enpo 1.9.17 (1673.10.26)
"Teijo was the eldest son of Kenjo (7th head of the Goto family). Born in Kyoto. He is the 9th head of the Goto family. He represented the family during the minority of his nephew Renjo. He was promoted to the art rank of Hokkyo. His works are at once charming, noble, and dignified. It is impossible to deny their title to be called masterpieces. His carvings have the peculiar aspect of age presented by the work of Kojo and other early masters. His childhood name was Toraichi, Genichiro, and he was also called Mitsumasa and Mitsutada. In Genna 1 (1615), he inherited the family estate and called himself Rihei. At the recommendation of his uncle Kakujo, he served the Kaga (Kanazawa) Domain in both metalworking and government affairs, contributed to the development of the Kaga Goto family, and received the confidence of Toshitsune MAEDA, the lord of the domain, and was given a stipend of 30 people. Around 1635, he became the ninth head of the Goto family in his thirties. Furthermore, in 1667, the 4th shogun Tokugawa Ietsuna of the Edo Shogunate provided him with 100 bales and 20 stipends, and later he was awarded Hokyo.

Exhibited here are menuki of two kiji (pheasant) fabricated in deep-black shakudo. The menuki are carved in a technique known as Katachi-bori, the subject itself becomes the outline of the menuki. Surface carving and finishing is applied from the front, and in this case is very deep, providing these menuki with exceptional definition and relief. There are gold highlites on the tail feathers and the eye of each pheasant.
As can be seen here with this set of kiji menuki, his attention to detail and workmanship is at a high level and full of dignity as is his personality. The chisel-marks are somewhat deep, clear, and strong. His designs suggest the feeling experienced when observing from a lofty riverside dwelling." (Long)


GOTO Kantisho dated August 7, 1844 (Koka). Signed: 'Mitsuaki'.
Goto Hojo (Mitsuaki) H01596.0 16th Main Line Master.
Origami by Hojo states "This is the work of TEIJO (H09519.0) the 9th Main Line Master."

Certificated by NBTHK Hozon, dated February 8, 1990.

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