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Provenance:       Boris Markhasin
                                     Elliott Long
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"Presented here is a great example of Ezo kozuka, dating Late Kamakura to Nambokucho Period (14th c.). The decorative plate is executed in repousse technique, and has been added to the housing. It has since slipped-out by roughly 1.5mm - the gap can be seen on the extreme right side adjacent to the housing. Substrate metal of the decorative plate is silver, and the gilding is gold. The housing is shibuichi, gilded with gold. The lack of margins to the decorative plate suggests it was once larger, and has been cut-down to fit the present housing. The motif is dynamic and lacks the geometry of typical Nambokucho and Muromachi pieces. A great example of a retrofitted piece."

(SEM EDS) Scanning Electron Microscopy with Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy. "Based on the metallurgical tests in June of 2007, the results show that the silver plate dates in the 14th Cen., the shibuichi housing dates to the 15th Cen. This association more Ko-Mino than early Goto. Likely predates Goto, latest is mid 1400's.
There is no tradition in Muromachi of this style of silver plate works. Therefore made earlier than in Muromachi period." (Markhasin & Long)

Serious Inquiries Only

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A Collaboration of Boris Markhasin and Elliott D. Long

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