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Onin Shichu Suemon-zogan Tsuba $1000.00
"A well forged and hammered plate in mokko shape which is rare for Onin tsuba. Dating to ca. 1500. The seppa-dai and original hitsu-ana are marked by the thin inlaid brass wire. The second hitsu-ana is a later addition. The designs are different on each side consisting of animals, plants and mon's.

The brass pieces used as the decoration are pre-cast in the design and shape needed. The cast pieces are then inserted into reservoirs cut to shape in the plate. The cast pieces have a smooth appearance on the surface. There are no sharp edges as might be found on carved inlay, but a few chisel marks are made on the pre-cast pieces after insertion in the plate.

This piece is both prolific and extravagant, yet is very pleasing to the eye. The majority of the designs used in its decoration are but an infinite variation of a similar theme." (Haynes & Long)
6.90cm x 7.50cm x 0.24cm

"Since tradition decrees that brass was first imported from China in the Eikyo era (1429-1441), it is natural that it should be employed in the decoration of tsuba shortly thereafter. It was both new and novel, and because of its great monetary value was regarded as rich and valuable material for the enrichment of tsuba. At the height of its production, the Onin tsuba was the most sought after style. Its great popularity exceeded that of nearly all previous styles." (Long & Haynes)

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