Custom Handmade
Koshirae bags, Shirasaya bags, and Tsuba bags by
Cat Happy Creations.
Other handmade items include Aprons, Purses,
I-pod/Cell Phone Carriers, Mini 'Fob'/wallets and Scrubs Tops.


Quality craftsmanship done in the traditional manner.
Sword bags (with or without Fusahimo), Tsuba bags, Purses, Aprons,
and I-pod/Cell Phone Carriers done in exquisite and unique fabrics,
or Kimono fabric (silk). All are fully lined.
Superior quality, these are not factory produced imports.
They are domestically made - each individually sewn.

E-MAIL for availability of Sword Bags.


KATANA size with Fusahimo (cord)
Length: Fits Katate-uchi to Tachi ( 40" inches + ).
Width: 5" to 6.50" inches.
Inventory: 5
Price: $75.00/each.
See examples of Katana bags

WAKIZASHI size with Fusahimo (cord)
Length: 20.00" to 40.00" inches.
Width: 4.00" to 5.00" inches.
Inventory: 7
Price: $65.00/each.

See examples of Wakizashi bags

TANTO size with Fusahimo (cord)
LengthF20.00" inches or less.
Width: Between 3.00" to 4.00" inches.
Inventory: 5
Price: $55.00/each.
See examples of Tanto bags

Complete set of Sword and Tsuba bags made from Maru Obi. Sword bags come with fusahimo (cord).
Price: Based on cost of Obi.
See example set of bags including Tsuba bags HERE

Makura (sword pillow) are made from remnants of Obi or Brocade Silk Blend material.
Price: $5.00 each.
See Sword Pillows HERE

  TSUBA bags are sewn based on the number of tsuba contained.
Dimensions based on number of tsuba.
Price: $10.00 dollars each for singles,
$15.00 dollars each for doubles,
$5.00 dollars per tsuba for multiples of three or more.
Single Tsuba bag   Two Tsuba bag   Three or Six Tsuba bag   Eight Tsuba bag

Tsuba bags made from Maru Obi.
Price: Based on cost of Obi.
see complete set

  TSUBA BOX COVERS provide extra protection for those antique and/or custom handmade tsuba boxes.
They are made of either Brocade Silk Blend material or from Obi material.
Price: $20.00 dollars each.
Tsuba Box Protector

The price is excluding shipping.

How To Tie The FUSAHIMO (cord).

All items are Handsewn/made and as described.

SHIBUISWORDS --- Elliott Long
Gresham, Oregon USA.